Ready for fast-track innovation?

“Innovation.” We know how often you read the word these days. But how often do you see it in action? And how often do you have the opportunity to innovate and improve travel for millions daily? Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc. (HTT) invites you to help design a travel experience that is built by the passenger for the passenger. We’ve partnered with Deutsche Bahn, the second-largest transportation company in the world, to bring the technologies of tomorrow into rail travel today. Our joint project, the Innovation Train, is being designed to transport you geographically and technologically with features like augmented reality (AR) windows, and new levels of digital connectivity. Our goal is a ride that’s equal parts familiar and phenomenal. It sounds futuristic — but it’s built on research and development that makes this all science and no fiction.

The engine.

The tech already developed is an early dividend of HTT’s work on the HyperloopTM, a fifth mode of travel designed to power high-speed capsule transport. As we work toward its commercialization, the HTT team is also looking at how the underlying technologies we’re developing can benefit additional modes of transportation today. The Innovation Train is one example of how Hyperloop R&D can open market opportunities for emerging transportation solutions as we continue to build the future of transportation. By bringing more solutions to market, we position our team to serve more passengers across a wider spectrum of transportation sectors. It’s all in keeping with our core values and mission: to promote comfortable, affordable, profitable, sustainable and environmentally responsible transportation alternatives.This is a custom heading element.

The timetable.

How about now? Is now fast enough for you? By the time you read this, we’ll have started work on a high-velocity production schedule. With research underway as of August 2016, we’re on an accelerated course that will take us through usage scenarios, design concepts, design finalization and implementation. Our target is to have the Innovation Train ready by early 2017.

Are you in?

What’s your vision of the next generation of travel? What opportunities do you see for improving rail travel and the passenger experience today? Whether your priority is increased speed, an expanded network of routes, accessibility, affordability, energy efficiency, or passenger comfort — or perhaps something we haven’t thought of yet — we’re always ready to pursue great ideas. And we’re searching for people with the imagination and expertise to collaborate and keep our projects moving forward.