Our global work to build the Hyperloop™. HTT is tackling multiple challenges within a variety of disciplines. 800+ team members and more than 40 corporate partners around the world, managed by experts in their respective fields.  This around-the-clock global collaboration makes the Hyperloop™ a technology for today.  More than 50 teams organized across 38 countries.


Dirk Ahlborn

Co-Founder & CEO

Dirk Ahlborn is a self-described “serial entrepreneur,” and his two decades of experience have served him well.

As co-founder of JumpStarter, Inc. (www.jumpstartfund.com), a California-based, crowd-sourcing incubator he co-founded Hyperloop Transportation Technologies with Bibop Gresta.

Before co-founding HTT, he enjoyed early success as a broker and investment specialist at Bankgesellschaft Berlin AG (now Landesbank Berlin Holding) in his native Germany; he later entered the start-up world with Girvan Institute, assisting NASA’s Ames Research Center in the transfer of commercialized technologies and helping to start Advanced Turbine Designs, Inc. As CEO of HTT, Ahlborn now runs the largest collaborative corporate entity on the globe.

Bibop G. Gresta

Co-Founder & Chairman

Bibop G. Gresta is a leader in finance, transportation, media and startups. He is a world-renowned speaker focused on transportation and human mobility.
At age 15, Gresta was Software Development Director at Alpha Center Int., creating a super-learning system successfully implemented in several countries. He founded Bibop S.p.a, a digital content firm; he sold 40% to Telecom Italia for 11bln Italian Lira, creating one of the earliest successes of the Italian New Economy.

In 2003, he founded the Digital Magics Group, a digital media incubator, and guided the startup of more than 70 new companies.

As Chairman of HTT, he coordinates the largest global team of professional collaborators ever assembled.

Andres de León

Chief Operating Officer

Andres de Leon is known worldwide for his focused management style, creating growth-oriented businesses.

The COO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, appointed after serving as Corporate Development Officer for JumpStarter, Inc., he brings 30 years of international experience in manufacturing, finance management, private/public business negotiation and tax and audit supervision to HTT.

This experience is a perfect match for the globally collaborative HTT. He has transacted corporate affairs in Spain, Belgium, Portugal, France, Italy, Mexico, Chile and the United States.

As the JumpStarter, Inc. Corporate Development Advisor de Leon was critical to the establishment of HTT, considered the largest and most successful crowd-sourced startup in history.

Andrea La Mendola

Chief Global Operating Officer & Chief Engineering Council Member

Andrea La Mendola holds a Masters degree in engineering from Politecnico di Torino, Italy, one of the top universities in Europe for engineering and architecture studies.

La Mendola is co-founder and a board member of Indyca, an established Italian entertainment property creator and producer that has successfully shared product with the world for 10 years.

Additionally, he is co-founder and vice president of Relov, an international brand that combines fashion, design and tech. During his tenure, he pushed forward a melding of IoT and lifestyle products.

Andrea La Mendola’s understanding of intellectual property management and control, consumer-centric innovation and the management of personnel is of unfathomable value to HTT.

Bernd Stephan

Chief Financial Officer

Bernd Stephan brings the invaluable asset of a firm hand and years of wisdom with corporate start-ups, corporate finance into the billions of dollars, and an accounting background that has allowed him to sit as CFO or Senior VP of Finance with several corporations.

Stephan’s unwavering focus gives strong support to the present and future of HTT, especially in the area of international business. Bernd Stephan is an experienced financial executive with an extensive U.S. and international resume in one the most challenging business arenas on the globe -- media and entertainment.

His added and extensive experience in operations, accounting, international tax consulting, start-up consulting and international cross-border business relations has helped fuel the robust development of HTT.

Robert Miller

Chief Marketing Officer

Robert Miller is a neuroscientist with more than 15 years of experience in global marketing and operations.

He began with HTT as the Head of Marketing; his experience and wisdom quickly made obvious his next move to Chief Marketing Officer.

As CMO Miller drives HTT’s quiet, powerful move toward making Hyperloop an exciting reality worldwide.

As Head of Marketing for Cotton USA, Mr. Miller led a team that spanned 17 offices in over 50 countries, rebranding and relaunching to a modern, digitally-minded-always-connected, consumer. His experience and expertise provide the steady drive behind the truth and growth of HTT’s projects and image.

Chief Engineering Council

Jose Morey, MD

Physician, innovator, entrepreneur and futurist, is engaged in leveraging big data to help humanity work smarter. His research includes informatics, radiology, business intelligence, predictive analytics, sports medicine, advanced 3D printing. Dr. Morey is Medical Technology and Artificial Intelligence Advisor for NASA iTech / National Institute of Aerospace, and a Senior Medical Scientist on the ambitious IBM Watson Medical Sieve Project.

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David Doll

Expert in mechanical and nuclear engineering, is one of the pre-eminent scientists in the world for MagLev, and a resident expert for MagLev at HTT. He spent 37 years at General Atomics on highly-classified defense systems. Doll modeled and developed the InducTrack™ system with the team at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Doll’s foremost expertise is in the stability of MagLev systems at varied speeds.

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Lan Saadatnejadi

Civil engineer and expert in the management of private/public partnerships, and a high impact solution provider skilled at forging strategic partnerships.

She made it possible to deliver transportation improvement programs and develop multi-billion-dollar public works infrastructure projects with innovation and ingenuity.

She leverages a vast network spanning federal to local governments.

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Derya Thompson

Civil engineer specializing in bridge and structural engineering. She is Director of Complex Bridges and Structures, and the Bridges Lead in the state of California for Jacobs, and responsible for the development of the bridges and structures teams.

Thompson was also the creative force at the heart of many of the world’s most prominent projects, specializing in structural engineering, carbon management, sustainability consulting and infrastructure.

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Michael Smayda

Former Senior Aerodynamics Engineer at SpaceX. Smayda was one of the original SpaceX team members who worked on the original Hyperloop™ concept with Elon Musk. Smayda was the responsible design engineer for critical parts of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy, the most powerful operational rocket in the world. His work also led directly to the first successful reentry, vertical landing, and recovery of an orbital booster.

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Lead Engineers & Experts

Eric Pool, EdD  Agile Management | CEO Enterprise Technology Products
Nicolas Perony, PhD  Artificial Intelligence | Data Science
Terri Griffith, PhD  Organizational Psychology | CMU
Sami Jaber  Mechanical Engineering | American Superconductor
Geoff Bianchini  Mechanical Engineering | Rolls-Royce
Julia Carbajal  Industrial Engineering | AT Kearney
Nicoletta Iacobacci, PhD  Communications | European Broadcasting Union
Randy Freedman, JD  Freedman Law | Georgetown
Vipul Patel, MBA  Global Operations | Disney
Isabella Maria D’Ambrosio  Traffic Psychology
Pranav Jain  Software Development Engineer
Christian Umbach  System Design | MIT | Uber
Hasan Özdemir  Software Engineer
Devraj Dutt  Electrical Engineering | Sustainable Transportation
Andi Wijaya Engineering Integration | NUS
Ann Majchrzak Global Operations | Professor USC
Marina Hardy, JD  Public Affairs | Taft Hardy & Associates
Spencer Baldwin, JD  Public Affairs | Northeastern
Timothy McKay  IT | US Army
Walt Wyckoff, MBA Agile Management | Prof. UC Berkeley
Srikanta Sahoo, MBA  Global Operations | Mercedes-Benz
Eric Jayasundera  Artificial Intelligence | Robotics
William Nguyen, PhD  Computational Physics | Harvard
Aditya Gaikwad Mechanical Engineering | Medtronic
Hans Ku, MBA Product Director | Dreamworks
Michael Yu  Computer Engineering | Oracle
Elaine Mau Mechanical Engineering | ExxonMobile
Manuel Arreaza  Technical Support Engineer | Siemens
Steve Zellinger  General Counsel | Georgetown

James Sweetman Mechanical Engineering | Northrup Grumman
Michael Sarin, P.E. Safety | Mechanical Engineering
Derya Thompson Civil Engineering | JACOBS
Tom Wooge Aeropropulsion | Cornell
Jack DiPrete Mechanical Engineering | Tesla
John Panek, PhD Mechanical Engineering | NASA | JPL
Carl Brockmeyer Vacuum Technology | Leybold
Jose Morey, MD Engineering Specialist | NASA | Johns Hopkins
Alex Yrivaylo, PhD Research Analyst
Colin Kelsall Research Analyst | MIT
Chris Brosz Energy Engineering | Arup
Cody Maxwell Mechanical Engineering | Westinghouse | Duke
Ira Seiken Mechanical Engineering | Experis | George Washington
Ben Jassin Civil Engineering | EJM Engineering
Jonathan Ward Physicist | Harvard
Igor Jurkowski Software Engineer | Facebook
David Merlini, MD Safety | ASST
Michael Overton Electric Engineering | Tektronix
David Santos Mechnical Engineering | Vendibom
Peter Adam Mechanical Engineer | Theranos | Lockheed Martin
Evan Fischer Mechanical Engineering | Faraday Future
Meri Grigoryan Project Management | Cal State, St. Jude
Steve Barg, PhD Structural Engineer | Stanford | US ARMY
Daniel Liau Electro-Mechanical Engineering
Fredrik Samda Solberg Control Systems Engineer | MIT
Hakki Kucukkeski Mechatronics Engineering
Baheej Saoud Project Engineer | Aeronautical Engineering
Sylvain Pluchart System Simulation Engineer | Ecole

Engineers & Experts

Geoff Bianchini Mechanical Engineering
Julia Carbajal Industrial Engineering
Nicoletta Iacobacci PhD Communications
Randy Freedman JD Freedman Law
Nicolas Perony PhD AI
Vipul Patel MBA Global Operations
Isabella Maria D’Ambrosio Traffic Psychology
Pranav Jain Software Development Engineer
Christian Umbach System Design
Hasan Özdemir Software Engineer
Terri Griffith PhD Organizational Psychology
Devraj Dutt Electrical Engineering
Andi Wijaya Engineering Integration
Luke Pelullo Global Operations
Ann Majchrzak Global Operations
Marina Hardy JD Public Affairs
Spencer Baldwin JD Public Affairs
Timothy McKay IT
Walt Wyckoff MBA Agile Management
Eric Pool PhD Agile Management
Srikanta Sahoo MBA Global Operations
Eric Jayasundera AI
William Nguyen PhD Computational Physics
Aditya Gaikwad Mechanical Engineering
Hans Ku MBA Product Director
Michael Yu Computer Engineering
Elaine Mau Mechanical Engineering
Sami Jaber Mechanical Engineering
Manuel Arreaza Technical Support Engineer
James Sweetman Mechanical Engineering
Jack DiPrete Mechanical Engineering
John Panek PhD Mechanical Engineering
Jose Morey MD Engineering Specialist
Alex Yrivaylo PhD Research Analyst
Colin Kelsall Research Analyst
Chris Brosz Energy Engineering
Cody Maxwell Mechanical Engineering
Ira Seiken Mechanical Engineering
Ben Jassin Civil Engineering
Jonathan Ward Physicist
Igor Jurkowski Software Engineer
David Merlini MD Safety
Michael Overton Electric Engineering
Monica Ramone MBA Project Management
David Santos Mechanical Engineering
Tom Wooge Aeropropulsion
Peter Adam Mechanical Engineer
Evan Fischer Mechanical Engineering
Meri Grigoryan Project Management
Steve Barg PhD Structural Engineer
Daniel Liau Electro-Mechanical Engineering
Fredrik Samdal Solberg Control Systems Engineer
Christopher Bobko PhD Mechanical Engineering
Carl Brockmeyer Vacuum Technology
Hakki Kucukkeskin Mechatronics Engineering
Baheej Saoud Project Engineer
Sylvain Pluchart System Simulation Engineer
Steve Zelinger General Counsel